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Bev Dahlby


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Bev Dahlby
Distinguished Fellow, Tax and Economic Growth, University of Calgary

PhD, London School of Economics 


Bev Dahlby is the Distinguished Fellow in Tax and Economic Growth at the School of Public Policy and Professor of Economics at the University of Calgary. He attended St. Peter's College, the University of Saskatchewan, Queen's University and the London School of Economics. Dr. Dahlby has published extensively on tax policy and fiscal federalism and has served as a policy advisor to the federal and provincial governments. His international experience includes advisory work on tax reform for the IMF in Malawi, for the Thailand Development Research Institute, and for the World Bank in Brazil. In 2010-11, Bev was a member of the Jenkins Panel on federal support to research and development, and he is currently a member of Statistics Canada's advisory council.

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© 2019 C.D. Howe Institute. All Rights Reserved.