Vibrant, dynamic competition lies at the heart of a robust economy, and supportive competition policy is essential to innovation, growth, and consumers’ wellbeing.

The Competition Policy Council comprises top-ranked academics and practitioners active in the field of competition policy. The Council is co-chaired by Grant Bishop, Associate Director, Research at the C.D. Howe Institute; and interim co-chair Elisa Kearney, Partner at Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP.  The Council provides analysis of emerging competition policy issues. Professor Edward Iacobucci, Dean at the University of Toronto and Competition Policy Scholar at the Institute, advises the program.

The Council generates crucial analysis for practitioners in the field, convenes a neutral forum for testing competing views, and provides an opportunity for policymakers, the media and the public to draw on the expertise of the competition field’s most distinguished legal and economic minds. The Council, whose members participate in their personal capacities, releases public reports that outline the issues and summarize the reasoning behind participants’ recommendations.


Elisa Kearney

Elisa Kearney

Partner, Davies, Ward, Phillips & Vineberg LLP


Omar Wakil

Omar Wakil

Partner, Torys LLP
Roger Ware

Roger Ware

Professor, Queen's University
The Hon. Howard I. Wetston, Q.C.

Senator, Senate of Canada
Lawrence J. White

Professor of Economics, New York University

Ralph A. Winter

Canada Research Chair in Business Economics and Public Policy, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Council Reports