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Donald N. Dewees


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Donald N. Dewees
Professor Emeritus of Economics and Law, University of Toronto

PhD (Economics), Harvard University

LLB, Harvard University 


Donald Dewees holds an engineering degree from Swarthmore College, an LLB from Harvard and a PhD in Economics from Harvard.

He served as Director of Research for the Ontario Royal Commission on Asbestos and Vice-Chair of the Ontario Market Design Committee, which advised the government on the introduction of competition into the electricity market. He has been Vice-Dean and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the U of T, Interim Chair of Economics and has held other middle management positions.

His research is in the areas of environmental economics including emissions trading, law and economics, and energy policy including electricity pricing. Recent publications deal with the environmental effects of electricity generation, electricity prices and renewable power, consumer response to prices and incentives.

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© 2019 C.D. Howe Institute. All Rights Reserved.