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Auto insurance systems differ greatly across Canada. Which provinces stand out as the leaders in terms of providing value for money to policyholders? And which are most behind? Leading auto insurance expert David Marshall has produced a grade of each province in this Graphic Intelligence. 

The debate is not about whether government or private-delivered insurance is best. Indeed, the worst performing system in Canada is the government-delivered program in British Columbia, while the highest ranked are Saskatchewan and Manitoba. And the wide range of performance of private-delivered auto insurance reflects the constraints policy has created. What, then, determines the value for money that residents receive is specific coverage and policy choices. For example, Ontario proposed numerous reforms to its privately delivered auto insurance policies in its 2019 budget. However, some of the major proposed reforms of those policies have not been implemented. Should a care, not cash, policy be implemented, Ontario will increase its value-for-money ranking considerably.

Reforms to auto insurance could yield millions of dollars in savings for Canadian consumers and make auto insurance more responsive to market forces. To learn more about what reforms provinces should undertake to their systems, read the full report, authored by David Marshall, who has served as a Federal Deputy Minister and Senior Advisor to the Government of Ontario on auto insurance and pension funds.