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Municipal Fiscal Transparency Scorecard, 2020


In the C.D. Howe Institute's 2020 annual report card we grade the clarity, comprehensiveness, and timeliness of the financial presentations of 31 major Canadian municipalities, based on their most recent budgets and financial statements.

Of those 31, Edmonton and London earn Fs, failing to meet a minimal standard of transparency, usefulness and timeliness. Vancouver and Surrey garner A+s for clarity and completeness. Markham, Richmond, and York Region also stand out favourably, each earning an A. Elsewhere, Toronto garnered a C+, while Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal, and Winnipeg each earned a B grade.

To learn more about the fiscal accountability of Canada’s major municipalities, how we grade their performance, and the simple fixes that could put them at the top of the class for next year, read “Time for an Upgrade: Fiscal Accountability in Canada’s Cities, 2020.”