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Putting the Market Back in Dairy Marketing


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March 13, 2013

Canada’s controversial but politically untouchable dairy supply management system can be reformed, while addressing the concerns of wary politicians, consumers tired of overpaying for milk and cheese, and farmers worried about their future. In “Putting the Market Back in Dairy Marketing,” authors Colin Busby and Daniel Schwanen call for better representation of consumer interests in milk marketing decisions, a cap on milk prices, and steps to measure efficiency and open new markets for dairy farmers.

“These are politically feasible reforms that could be achieved in the near-term, reducing costs for consumers and bringing lasting benefits to dairy farmers and agrifood producers, through greater efficiency and access to growing international markets,” commented Colin Busby.



Colin Busby, Associate Director, Research
Colin Busby
Daniel Schwanen, Vice President, Research
Daniel Schwanen

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Connect with Us

© 2014 C.D. Howe Institute. All Rights Reserved.