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April 3, 2020 - The C.D. Howe Institute’s Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support held their second meeting on March 31, 2020 to identify and prioritize key policy challenges during the COVID-19 crisis, and consider policy options and recommendations. The group is comprised of Canadian business leaders and economists and chaired by Michael Horgan, Senior Advisor at Bennett Jones LLP and former Deputy Minister of Finance, Government of Canada.

The working group calls for:

  • Quicker release of economic data indicators to provide a current and accurate picture of the state of the labour market, enabling individuals, businesses and decision-makers to make informed decisions,
  • Fortification and clarity of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB), including determining the appropriate income loss threshold for qualification, improving eligibility criteria details, and establishing a clear plan for transitioning to the recovery period,
  • Provincial governments to set rent rules to strengthen accountability and provide rental assistance to tenants who need it, and
  • Federal and provincial coordination of income support to address region-specific issues and demographic structures.

For more information, please contact: Parisa Mahboubi, Senior Policy Analyst, C.D. Howe Institute; or Nancy Schlömer, Communications Officer, C.D. Howe Institute, phone 416-865-1904 ext. 0247, email: nschlomer@cdhowe.org

Full Communiqué: CWGR_2020_0403.pdf