Canada’s healthcare systems are under increasing pressure: a rapidly aging population, new demands for services, fiscal challenges, and awkward interfaces between publicly and privately funded services are among the challenges to which Canadians must adapt. Sound research and advice from independent sources will be integral to achieving desirable policy outcomes. The C.D. Howe Institute’s Healthcare Policy Initiative is a four-year program to produce research, analysis and events to raise the level of debate around Canadian healthcare and to help motivate policy improvements. The program will address critical issues such as: international lessons on financing and incentives; defining the services provided under public plans; incentives and funding arrangements for hospitals and healthcare providers; federal and provincial policy on pharmaceuticals; options for primary-care reform; access and quality of care. As with all the Institute’s work, the program aims to provide research that is rigorous, evidence-based, and peer-reviewed, recommendations that are relevant, constructive, and timely, and communications that are clear, authoritative and practical.


Tom Closson

Tom Closson

Former President & CEO, Ontario Hospital Association; President and CEO, Tom Closson Consulting
Dr. Brian Postl

Dr. Brian Postl

Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba


Mehmood Alibhai

Mehmood Alibhai

Director, Patient Access & Healthcare Policy, Boehringer-Ingelheim Canada Ltd
Richard Alvarez

CEO, Richard Alvarez & Associates

Lesia Babiak

Executive Director, Government Affairs & Policy (Canada), Johnson & Johnson Corporate

Justin Bates

CEO, Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association
Åke Blomqvist

Adjunct Research Professor, Carleton University

Charles Brown

President and CEO, LifeLabs

Brigid Buckingham

Director of Government Affairs and Policy, GE Healthcare
Vito Ciciretto

Vito Ciciretto

President & CEO, Dynacare
David Dodge

Former Governor, Bank of Canada; Senior Advisor, Bennett Jones LLP

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