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Mar 12

A Fair Deal for Alberta in the Federation

Ottawa ON, Rideau Club, 99 Bank Street

Roundtable Luncheon with Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

Member Rate: $55 | Guest Rate: $95

The Honourable Jason Kenney, Premier of Alberta

The Honourable Jason Kenney, 18th Premier of Alberta, is an Ontarian by birth and an Albertan by choice, with a happy Saskatchewan childhood in between. He burst onto Canada’s political scene in the early 1990s as the 22-year-old President of the new Canadian Taxpayers Federation and a passionate, articulate advocate for individual freedom, democracy, and free enterprise.

First elected in 1997 as the Reform Party of Canada Member of Parliament for Calgary Southeast, he played a major role in creating and expanding the modern Conservative Party of Canada, leading to its election in 2006. During the following decade he served as Minister of Multiculturalism, Citizen and Immigration, Employment and Skills Development, and National Defence. Unofficially, due to his tireless networking among diverse Canadian cultural communities, he was also known as the “minister of curry in a hurry.”

Returning to Alberta in 2016, Jason Kenney undertook a 3-year mission to revive and unite the province’s free enterprise coalition. In an unprecedented succession of political achievements, he first won the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative Party, then won a referendum creating the new United Conservative Party, then won election as UCP leader, then won a seat in the Legislature as Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and finally, in the 2019 election, led his party to a majority government with the highest vote tally of any party in provincial history.

He was sworn-in as Premier on April 30, 2019, and ever since his government has been working hard to get Alberta back to work, make life better for Albertans, and stand up for Alberta’s right to develop its resources and control its economic destiny.


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