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Running Late: The Public Accounts of Canada's Senior Governments

The audited financial statements in the public accounts of Canada’s senior governments are the definitive report of their revenues, expenses and bottom line at the end of every fiscal year. They allow legislators and citizens to compare year-end results with budget plans and hold their governments accountable for their promises.

In this edition of Graphic Intelligence, we look at how many days it took Canada’s senior governments to release their year-end financial results in the last three years.

Six months after the end of the 2018/19 fiscal year, we are still waiting for six jurisdictions to release their financial results – a pattern that seems consistent throughout the last three years.

Bill Robson examines the full state of play in this Intelligence Memo.

This Graphic Intelligence by Farah Omran, Policy Analyst and Mariam Ragab, Research Intern, C.D. Howe Institute.