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In our final Graphic Intelligence of 2021, we show production per capita of turkey, cranberries, and potatoes by province. By this measure, Quebec, New Brunswick, and British Columbia are the most cranberry-intensive provinces. The prairie provinces and Ontario specialize in turkeys. As for potatoes, nobody comes close to Prince Edward Island.

The key point here is about the classic holiday dinner. No province in Canada produces the mix of turkey for roasting, cranberries for sauce, and potatoes for mashing that would make a well rounded plate for its residents.

The recent problems facing Prince Edward Island’s potato producers showcase the importance of trade to a major exporter. And trade among the provinces benefits all Canadians as consumers.

We all depend on production elsewhere in Canada or in the world for so many of the necessities and pleasures of life. As we gather during the festive season, we can thank trade for putting food on the table. With supply chains strained across the globe and here in Canada, even Christmas dinner is a reminder of the benefits of interdependence and boosting connections among provinces and outside our borders. That is how we get the most out of the bogs of Quebec, the poultry farms of Manitoba, and the soil of Prince Edward Island.

The holiday is a natural time to think about our prospects in 2022 and beyond. The dinners we hope to enjoy with family and friends can inspire us. The food we will enjoy comes, not from some Self-Sufficiency Procurement Strategy, but from exchange with our neighbours.

We at the C.D. Howe Institute are working to build a more prosperous Canada. Strong supply chains and inter-provincial trade are on the menu.

We wish you a Happy Holiday and successful New Year.