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Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University; President, London Economics International LLC


In his role as President of London Economics International LLC, A.J. Goulding manages a growing international consulting firm focused on finance, economic, and strategic consulting to the energy and infrastructure industries. In addition to serving as a sector expert in electricity and gas markets, his responsibilities include project management, marketing, budget and financial control, and recruiting. He also serves as an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, where he teaches a course on electricity market design and regulatory economics while also supervising graduate workshops.

With over twenty-five years of experience in evolving electricity and natural gas markets, A.J.’s diverse background enables him to work effectively in both emerging markets and OECD countries. In North America, A.J. has been articulate in describing market relationships between wholesale power marketers, merchant plants, aggregators, and the existing investor-owned utilities. In emerging markets, A.J. has considerable experience dealing with the challenges of mixed private and public ownership, difficulties in creating credit-worthy distribution and retail entities, and the realities of line losses, unreliable fuel deliveries, and politicized labor relations. A.J. has extensive experience throughout Ontario, having worked with diverse clients such as the Ontario Energy Board, Ontario Power Authority, large Canadian hydropower generators, and wind project developers.

A.J. began his career performing natural gas market analysis for the ICF Resources subsidiary of ICF Kaiser International. Later, he lived for two years in New Delhi, India, where he advised the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) on electric power sector restructuring in India. He continued his work on India while pursuing his MA at Columbia University, leading to the publication of an article on Indian privatization. Simultaneously, he researched the process of power sector reform in Pakistan, contrasting it with the Indian experience. Upon completion of his MA, AJ served as business development associate for Citizens Power LLC, a top ten US wholesale power marketer. He then moved to London Economics, where he has held roles of progressively increasing responsibility.