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Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University

PhD, Duke University 


John Chant received his education at UBC and Duke and taught at Queen's and Carleton before coming to SFU in 1979. He was the Chair of the department at both SFU and Carleton. He has been the editor of Economic Inquiry and acting editor of Canadian Public Policy. While on leave from SFU, he served from 1996 to 1998 as the Research Director of the Task Force for the Future of the Financial Services Sector. Earlier he had also been the Director of the Financial Markets Group at the Economic Council of Canada. During 2001-02 he was Special Adviser at the Bank of Canada and is currently a Director of the Canadian Payments Association.

John taught mainly in the areas of monetary theory, and money and banking. His main research interest has been the study of the form and functions of institutions. Much of this work has been directed toward the study of financial institutions and their regulation. In other work John has used the theory of bureaucracy to analyze the features and activities of the Bank of Canada. His current research explores the organization and activities of universities and the Canadian experience with counterfeiting.