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Scott Burns
Chairman & CEO, BURNCO Group of Companies


Scott Burns has benefitted greatly from philanthropic involvements notably in governance with Canada’s top think tank!  His active career continues in construction materials and real estate.   

Scott’s primary business focus has been BURNCO, a fourth-generation group of bi-national family businesses.  He has dedicated over 35 years to these both as owner and leader since 1994.  He has transitioned to Executive Chairman of the primary operating business in his 60th year and as with each of his family predecessors, during his tenure as CEO, has increased BURNCO’s size by 10 times.  Since BURNCO’s inception in 1912, family values have been an important compass for Scott guiding his stewardship—the resulting wisdom he continues to pass to new leaders and the family’s fifth generation. 

With his spouse, being a custodian to the businesses while developing experiential and academic skills for his family and employees are presently key strategic focuses. 

Scott holds an MBA from Arizona State University and a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Alberta.