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October 20, 2020

Canada in ‘Economic and Fiscal Fog,’ Needs Real Debate on Future Path

  • Canada needs a national debate over its economic and fiscal future, according to Don Drummond, former chief economist for TD Bank.
  • Drummond lays out four scenarios for Canada’s fiscal future, each targeting a deficit and debt track into the 2030s, and calls for fiscal restraint.
  • Based on realistic assumptions for GDP growth and interest rates, which effect debt servicing cost, Drummond considers the most effective and efficient approaches to Canada’s economic and fiscal future.
Don Drummond

Don Drummond is a Stauffer-Dunning Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the School of Policy Studies at Queen’s University. In 2011-12, he served as Chair for the Commission on the Reform of Ontario’s Public Services. Its final report, released in February 2012, contained nearly four hundred recommendations to provide Ontarians with excellent and affordable public services.