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National Priorities 2016


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March 3, 2016
National Priorities 2016

The National Priorities 2016 series provides a high level overview of key issues that the federal and provincial governments need to address, and provides an opportunity to highlight policy recommendations made by prior C.D. Howe Institute research on these topics.  

Fiscal and Tax - Tax Reform Priorities for Canada: Creating More Income to Go Around

EnergyThe Future of Canadian Energy Policy

Infrastructure - Getting More Buildings for our Bucks: Canadian Infrastructure Policy in 2016

Healthcare - Challenging Vested Interests: National Priorities for Healthcare in 2016

Education, Skills, and Labour MarketJob One is Jobs: Workers Need Better Policy Support and Stronger Skills

Trade and International PolicyAt the Global Crossroads: Canada’s Trade Priorities for 2016 

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© 2019 C.D. Howe Institute. All Rights Reserved.