Speeches and Presentations

In Strengthening our Charities During a Period of Economic Crisis , Donald Johnson, Senior Advisor, BMO Capital Markets, proposes a tax-effective stimulus for our not-for-profit sector.  
Jack Mintz, President and CEO of the C.D. Howe Institute, today urged Albertans to avoid a future economic bust with tax reform, and proposed two major ideas. In a speech to the Calgary Chamber of Commerce entitled "Big Tax Reform Ideas for Alberta's Prosperity," Dr. Mintz warned that over-confidence has led to far too much public spending by Alberta and far too little strategy development to ensure balanced growth in the future. He proposed two taxes for consideration: a Personal Expenditure Tax (PET), which would tax personal expenditure rather than earnings and income from savings; and a Business Value Tax, applied to business revenues from the sales of goods and services.
Parliament is considering whether to create a body comparable to the Congressional Budget Office in the United States to provide fiscal forecasts. In testimony to the Standing Committee of Finance, Institute VP Bill Robson supports such a body. He also points out, however, that Parliament should use powers it already has to make governments present budgets on the same accounting basis used to present results, and to control government spending.