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When donors give money to charitable organizations they often wonder how the money is managed and what meaningful change their money has helped to create. When you give money to the C.D. Howe Institute you can be secure in the knowledge that your gift will be carefully managed and will be used to create high-level, relevant and exceptional results.

How is Endowment Managed at the C.D. Howe Institute?

Endowed gifts provide a predictable, secure source of funding for research programs, conferences, and publications in priority areas. The C.D. Howe Institute’s Board of Directors ensures that management of donations meets or exceeds accepted standards for good governance and generally accepted accounting principles.

The Board of Directors approves the investment and management policies of the Institute;  the Audit, Finance & Risk Committee oversees (a) the policies’ compliance with legislation, accounting standards, other Institute policies, etc., and (b) management’s compliance with the policies. The Institute's Board is composed of Directors whose financial and business acumen ranks among the best in Canada.

The members of the Audit, Finance & Risk Committee are:

  • Anna Kennedy (Chair), Chief Operating & Chief Financial Officer, KingSett Capital Inc.
  • Charles Brindamour, CEO, Intact Financial Corporation
  • Marcia Moffat, Managing Director – Head of Canada, BlackRock

Your Contributions At Work

If you have given to the Institute in the past, what initiatives has your gift helped to support? The Institute has played a central role in defining the debate and development of Canadian public policy. The Institute led debate and helped spark:

  • The embrace of continental free trade by successive federal governments;
  • The national consensus on the need to reduce federal and provincial deficits and to establish a more competitive fiscal framework;
  • The reform of the Canada Pension Plan;
  • The decision by the Bank of Canada to pursue a low inflation policy;
  • The decision of various governments to create a tax advantage for Canada and begin to tax reform.