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Quality, Independence and Nonpartisanship

The C.D. Howe Institute’s reputation for quality, integrity and nonpartisanship is its chief asset.

Its books, Commentaries and E-Briefs undergo a rigorous two-stage review by internal staff, and by outside academics and independent experts. The Institute publishes only studies that meet its standards for analytical soundness, factual accuracy and policy relevance. It subjects its review and publication process to an annual audit by external experts.

No C.D. Howe Institute publication or statement will endorse any political party, elected official or candidate for elected office. The Institute does not take corporate positions on policy matters.

As a registered Canadian charity, the C.D. Howe Institute accepts donations to further its mission from individuals, private and public organizations, and charitable foundations. It seeks support from diverse donors to ensure that no individual, organization, region or industry has or appears to have influence on its publications and activities. It accepts no donation that stipulates a predetermined result or otherwise compromises its review processes or inhibits the independence of its staff and authors. A comprehensive conflict-of-interest policy, including disclosure in any written work, applies to its staff and its authors.


The Institute further bolsters its independence by maintaining a broad mix of funding from individuals, foundations, corporations, and granting organizations.

  • Institute memberships make up the largest share of the Institute’s support. Membership contributions from individuals, entrepreneurs and corporations are eligible for charitable receipts. Academic, corporate and individual donations (36%) and public sector subscriptions (5%) together accounted for 41% of the Institute’s income in 2022.
  • Donations to policy councils and working groups (26%) support work in major research areas, such as international economic policy, healthcare, and pensions. Endowments and research grants (20%) support research and other activities in specific policy areas.
  • Events (12% of the Institute’s income in 2022) represent income from attendance fees and sponsorships.
  • A list of the Institute’s members is available at https://www.cdhowe.org/members. A list of organizations that contribute major grants is available at https://www.cdhowe.org/financial-reports.

C.D. Howe Institute Income by Category in 2022