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May 10, 2018

Over the past 15 years, Canada’s federal, provincial, and territorial governments have regularly missed budget spending and revenue targets, with spending overshoots of $69 billion combined. The new report from the C.D. Howe Institute, “Blown Budgets: Canada’s Senior Governments Need Better Fiscal Controls,” reveals a consistent lack of fiscal accountability by Canada’s senior governments. 

William B.P. Robson
William Robson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Policy Expert

Bill Robson took office as President and CEO of the C.D. Howe Institute in July 2006, after serving as the Institute’s Senior Vice President since 2003 and Director of Research since 2000. He has written more than 230 monographs, articles, chapters and books on such subjects as government budgets, pensions, healthcare financing, inflation and currency issues.

Farah Omran
Farah Omran, Junior Policy Analyst, Policy Expert

Farah Omran joined the C.D. Howe Institute in 2017 and is currently a Junior Policy Analyst at the Institute. Prior to joining, Farah was completing her studies in Economics, while holding numerous research and teaching assistant positions.