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February 18, 2021

Canada’s Green Bond Market Poised to Surge

  • Canada’s green bond market is poised to regain momentum as the economy recovers from COVID, according to a new report by Glen Hodgson.
  • Green bond issues were surging prior to the pandemic, with US$257.7 billion issued globally in 2019 and C$9.25 billion in Canada. Hodgson notes Canada has seen the green bond market grow rapidly over the past five years, growing by 63 percent in 2019 alone.
  • The report supports Ottawa’s involvement in green bonds as it would allow the federal government to set standards and create a baseline price, creating an environment where green bonds at the private level are traded properly in a functioning market.
Glen Hodgson

Glen Hodgson has 36 years of experience in global and Canadian macro-economics, international trade analysis and finance, fiscal and tax policy, and other “big picture” topics.