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Fiscal Sustainability


The Numbers Game: Rating the Fiscal Accountability of Canada’s Senior Governments
May 1, 2018 - William B.P. Robson and Farah Omran

Canada’s senior governments tax and spend a lot, but don’t consistently tell us what they are doing, says a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. In “The Numbers Game: Rating the Fiscal...

Inflated Expectations: More Immigrants Can’t Solve Canada’s Aging Problem on Their Own
March 13, 2018 - William B.P. Robson and Parisa Mahboubi

Higher immigration can ease, but not entirely mitigate, the impacts of demographic change on the workforce, according to a new report from the C.D. Howe Institute. In “Inflated Expectations: More...

Righting the Course: A Shadow Federal Budget for 2018

Ottawa must think long-term, and restore confidence in the sustainability of fiscal policy while responding to sharper competitive pressure on trade and taxation, says the C.D. Howe Institute’s...

The Fiscal Implications of Canadians’ Working Longer
November 21, 2017 - William B.P. Robson, Colin Busby and Aaron Jacobs

Canada’s greying workforce will spell big fiscal trouble for future taxpayers, according to a new C.D. Howe Institute report. In “The Fiscal Implications of Canadians’ Working Longer,” authors...

Getting Real: A Shadow Federal Budget for 2017

Ottawa should set out a path back toward balance to inspire confidence among savers and investors, says the C.D. Howe Institute’s annual Shadow Federal Budget. In “Getting Real: A Shadow Federal...

Canada’s aging population means different things for different provinces - Globe and Mail Op-Ed
The aging of the population has accelerated in Canada during the past decade, but not all provinces evenly bear the brunt of an aging labour force and growing share of seniors. The four Atlantic...
Omran, Robson - Are Governments Jamming You with Their Budgets?
Intelligence Memos
To: Members of federal, provincial and territorial parliaments From: Farah Omran and William Robson Date: March 29, 2018 Re: Are governments jamming you with their budgets? Canada’s senior...
Benjamin Dachis - An Economic Program for Ontario
Intelligence Memos
To: Charles Sousa, Ontario Minister of Finance From: Benjamin Dachis Date: March 23, 2018 Re: An Economic Program for Ontario Ontario is on an unsustainable fiscal course, and in my recent pre-budget...

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