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August 5, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, C.D. Howe Institute experts have been busy tackling the policy challenges that the global pandemic has created. On this page, readers can find our most recent reports from our Crisis Working Groups, Intelligence Memos, op-eds, media appearances and more addressing the issues affecting Canadians and the economy in these troubled times.

June 23: Ottawa Should Use CERB Extension Time Wisely: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

June 22: Guidelines and Creativity Key to Restoring Financial Confidence: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

June 17: Accelerate Infrastructure Projects and Adapt Restructuring Processes: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

June 8: Data Needed for Income Support Transition Planning: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

June 2: Nursing Home Fatalities Expose Weakness in Long-Term Care Provision: Crisis Working Group on Public Health and Emergency Measures

May 26: Staggered Re-opening Should Inform Tailored Income Supports: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support 

May 25: Canada Must Recommit to Fiscal and Monetary Anchors: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

May 19: Financing Bridge Needed to Protect At-Risk Sectors as Canada Faces a Long, Hard Road to Recovery: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

May 11: Extending CEWS Smart Move, More to be Done: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

May 7: Viable Businesses Need Access to Capital​: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

May 4: For Resilient Re-opening of Economy, Test, Trace and Target Support: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 30: National Process Needed to Hasten Vaccine Development: Crisis Working Group on Public Health and Emergency Measures

April 27: When the Smoke Clears - Tackling Disincentives to Work: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

April 24: Restart Playbook Must Balance Risk with Economic Cost: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 23: Expanded Bank of Canada Balance Sheet Requires Balancing Act: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

April 20: Risk Management Approach Integral to Back-to-Work Strategy: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

April 17: Canada Needs Playbook for Restarting Economy: C.D. Howe Institute Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 13: Ottawa Should Release EI and CERB Data Quickly, Regularly: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

April 9: Canada Must Be Champion of Open Trade: C.D. Howe Institute Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 8: COVID-19 Response Lacking Information and Supplies: Crisis Working Group on Public Health and Emergency Measures

April 7: Provinces Will Require Support to Finance Increased Borrowing: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

April 3: Data Vital Tool for Individuals, Businesses, Decision-Makers: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

April 2: Safeguard Critical Supply Chains by Addressing Weak Links: Crisis Working Group on Business Continuity and Trade

April 1: COVID-19 Exposes Cracks in the System: Crisis Working Group on Public Health and Emergency Measures

April 1: Time of the Essence for CEBA: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Fiscal Measures

March 27: Wage Subsidies and Emergency Financial Support Needed: Crisis Working Group on Household Income and Credit Support

March 26: Subsidize Wages, Backstop Credit, Protect Supply Chains: C.D. Howe Institute Business Continuity and Trade Crisis Working Group

March 25: Enhanced Government Credit Facility Needed: Crisis Working Group on Monetary and Financial Measures

August 4: Knubley, Hunter – Three Principles for Tougher Foreign Takeover Reviews

July 30: Kronick, Ambler, Robson – Welcome Clarity about Monetary Policy in Pandemic Times

July 24: John Pecman – Can Antitrust Laws Assist with the Economic Recovery? 

July 23: Van Dijk, Hodgson – Developing a Credible Public Debt Management Plan 

July 21: Glen Hodgson – The Goalposts Keep Shifting for the Canadian Energy Sector  

July 20: Laurin, Robson, Wu – Was Ottawa’s Frightening Fiscal Snapshot a Prelude to Something Worse?

July 16: Joel Blit – COVID-19 Will Transform Our Economy – If We Get Our Policies Right

July 15: Schirle, Skuterud – The Moms Are Not All Right

July 14: Laurin, Robson – The Federal Fiscal Snapshot has Shown us the Problem. So What’s the Plan?

July 13: Jenkins, Kronick – Health and the Economy - With Numbers

July 7: Van Dijk, Hodgson – How to Pay for the COVID-19-induced Federal Debt? 

July 6: Laurin, Wu, Robson – Fiscal Snapshot Will Show a Grim Picture of Federal Debt

July 3: Wyonch, Maharishi – Low-Value Care: Health’s Future and Fiscal Reckoning

July 2: Stéphanie Lluis – Regional Differences in Job Growth Shows Ottawa Must Think Regionally

June 30: Schwellnus, Koelle – Supporting Incomes While Promoting a Speedy Labour Market Recovery

June 29: Trevor Tombe – Potential Gains from Provinces Easing Labour Mobility Barriers

June 26: Grant Bishop – Three Requirements for Canada’s Petroleum Industry

June 25: Barry Gros – Rules-based Regulations a Poor Fit for Target-benefit Pension Plans

June 25: William B.P. Robson – COVID-19 Must Not Undermine Governments’ Fiscal Accountability

June 24: Boessenkool, Robson – Thoughts on Forestalling the Coming Childcare Crisis

June 24: Jon Johnson – Relief from Threat of Section 232 Tariffs: End of the Road

June 23: James A. Haley – Securing the Recovery

June 22: Rosalie Wyonch – Low-Value Care and COVID-19

June 19: Godbout, Gagné-Dubé – Lessons from Ireland on Pandemic Income Support

June 19: Godbout, Gagné-Dubé – Leçons de l'Irlande sur le soutien au revenu pendant la pandémie

June 18: Paul Jenkins – Building Confidence: The Critical Intersection of Health and the Economy

June 17: Hodgson, van Dijk – Cornerstones for a Realistic Fiscal Plan

June 16: Rosalie Wyonch – Low-Value Care: Re-opening the Healthcare System and Living with COVID-19

June 15: Jeremy M. Kronick – A Baseline Understanding of Fiscal Sustainability

June 12: Janice MacKinnon – The CERB Decision: Reform or Replace?

June 12: Lemieux, Schirle, Skuterud – Initial Impacts of COVID-19 on the Labour Market

June 11: Kronick, Ambler – The Bank of Canada’s Next Trick? Balancing the Balance Sheet

June 8: Tim Brennan – Could COVID-19 Justify Competitor Cooperation?

June 5: Jennifer Robson – Not Stimulus, Rehab, That’s What the Economy Needs

June 5: Mike Veall – Freezing EI Premiums

June 4: Lori Sterling – The Next Phase of Economic Recovery, Part Two: Reforming Pandemic-Related Programs for Business

June 4: Lori Sterling – The Next Phase of Economic Recovery, Part One: Transitioning Pandemic-Related Relief Programs for Individuals

June 3: Randy Bauslaugh – ESG Investing Will Get a Boost from the Pandemic

June 2: Green, Simard-Duplain, Siu – A COVID Assessment Tool to Guide the Opening and Closing of Sectors

June 2: Mariam Ragab – Our Tracker Shows Emerging Signs of Recovery, but We Are Not in the Clear

May 29: Ken Boessenkool – Supply-side Shocks and the COVID Economic Recovery

May 28: Stéphanie Lluis – Lessons from Employment Insurance for the CERB

May 28: Andrew Spence – Whither Inflation when Supply Chains Come Home?

May 27: Schwanen, Robson – Ontario Needs More Clarity on its Re-opening Process

May 27: Rodney Dobson – How to Get Governments Real-time Pay Information

May 26: Kronick, Zelmer, Dodge – Inflation Target: The Only Anchor Left

May 25: Laurin, Dachis – An Income Support Plan to Support the Recovery 

May 22: Michael J. O’Connor – Commercial Rent Part 3: Levelling the Playing Field

May 21: Kronick, Robson – Making Sure Zombie Firms Aren’t Propped up Post-COVID

May 20: Laurin, Dachis – A Stimulus Plan to Restart the Job Market

May 19: Almos Tassonyi – From the Black Death to the Depression to COVID-19: Using Debt to Overcome the Municipal Fiscal Squeeze

May 15: Ken Boessenkool – Ottawa has the Tools to Replace the CERB (Part II)

May 15: Ken Boessenkool – Ottawa has the Tools to Replace the CERB (Part I)

May 14: Konrad von Finckenstein – Balancing Privacy and Cellphone Tracing to Fight COVID-19

May 14: Rosalie Wyonch – COVID-19 Immunity: What We Don’t Know but Can Now Test For

May 13: Laurin, Wu, Robson – Net Federal Debt Heading for $1 Trillion

May 13: Schirle, Milligan, Skuterud – What April’s Jobs Data Shows for the Future

May 12: Tammy Schirle – Designing a CERB that supports efforts to re-open the economy

May 11: Kronick, Munn – Ensuring Capital for the Recovery

May 8: Kronick, Koeppl – For a Revamped Federal Backstop

May 8: Trevor Tombe – Federal Support to Provinces

May 7: Ken Boessenkool – Change the Child Tax Deduction to Address the Coming Childcare Shortage

May 7: Glen Hodgson – The Business Impacts of the Pandemic and Restart

May 6: Kronick, Zelmer – Can the Bank of Canada Keep Inflation On Target When the Economy Recovers?

May 5: Luc Godbout – The CERB and the CESB: Balancing Work Incentives Against Fairness Considerations

May 5: Luc Godbout – La PCU et la PCUÉ: Trouver l’équilibre entre incitation au travail et équité

May 5: Bishop, Dachis – Ontario Industrial Power Prices are Set to Spike: A Four-part Reform

May 5: Don Drummond – The Federal Government Can Handle the Post-pandemic Debt Hangover, But it Will Not be Easy

May 4: Louise R. Summerhill – Avoiding a COVID-19 Income Tax Distortion

May 1: Drummond, Sinclair, Walker, Simpson – Public Health, from Last to First

April 30: Michael Smart – Ensuring the Independence of the Bank of Canada Remains Intact

April 30: Phil Oreopoulos – Graduating During the COVID-19 Recession

April 30: Mahboubi, Laurin, Robson – How Best to Curb the CERB Once it's Safe to Return to Work

April 29: Schwanen, Robson – Our Lessons in Loosening Lie in Europe

April 29: Schwanen, Wyonch – Local Removal of Restrictions Imposed to Fight the Spread of COVID-19

April 28: Kyle Hanniman – Backstopping Provincial Debt: How the Bank of Canada Made its Move

April 27: Mawani, Hajee – Assessing How Ottawa’s New Wage Subsidy Lines up with EI and CERB

April 27: Mark Zelmer – Facilitating an Exit Strategy for Bank of Canada Market Interventions

April 24: O’Connor, Tal –  Integrate Programs to Help Commercial Landlords and Tenants

April 22: Baker, Bloom, Davis, Terry – COVID-Induced Economic Uncertainty

April 21: Bishop, Shaffer – As Electricity Demand Sinks, Ontario Power Costs Rise 24 Percent With More to Come

April 21: Hodgson, Robson –  Some Principles for an Economic Restart

April 20: Don Drummond – Debt Could Choke a Post-COVID-19 Economic Recovery

April 17: Ken Boessenkool – Three Ways to Treat the CERB in Social Assistance

April 17: Don Drummond – Release EI Data Fast to Track the COVID-19 Damage

April 16: Michael J. O’Connor – A Tax Policy Response for Commercial Landlords and Tenants

April 16: Hugh O’Reilly – Regional, Economically Important Credit Unions Must Be Included in STLF

April 16: Blomqvist, Wyonch – COVID and Professional Scopes of Practice

April 15: Bishop, Ragab – In a Pandemic, Canada Needs Faster Economic Data: Here’s Our New Tracker

April 14: Schirle, Milligan, Skuterud – Digging One Level Deeper into March’s Workforce Numbers

April 13: Robson, Kronick – Backstopping Provincial Borrowing

April 9: Janet Ecker – Some Questions about the Aftermath

April 9: Schwanen, Hodgson – The Current Pandemic and Long-Term Threats to Supply Chains

April 8: Milligan, Schirle – A Labour Force Survey Pandemic Primer

April 7: Bhatia, Falk, Jamieson, Piovesan, Shaw – Virtual Healthcare is Having its Moment. Rules will be Needed

April 6: Don Drummond – COVID-19 and University and College Students

April 6: Bishop, Dachis, Robson – Making the Federal Wage Subsidy Work 

April 6: David Losier – Government Guaranteed “Ready for Business” Cash Flow Loans

April 3: Jennifer Robson – Why Can’t They Just Send Us All a Cheque?

April 3: Luc Godbout – La prestation canadienne d’urgence: Après l’urgence, prévoir la transition vers le retour au marché du travail

April 2: Jenkins, Kronick – COVID-19: A Macroeconomic Narrative

April 2: Mark Zelmer – Managing the Economic Consequences of the Coronavirus Pandemic

April 1: O’Reilly, Waitzer – Rental Chaos: The Need for a Rules-Based Eviction Framework

March 31: Kevin Milligan – Fortifying the CERB

March 31: Ambler, Kronick – Financing the COVID Deficit: Short and Long Runs

March 30: Edward Waitzer – Fairness to Tenants: The Urgent Need for a Nationally Coordinated Policy Response

March 30Phil Oreopoulos – An Evidence-Based Approach to Education During a Pandemic

March 27: Dachis, Bishop, Robson – An Ounce of Layoff Prevention is Worth a Pound of Income-Support Cure

March 27: David Powell – Filling the Gap: Emergency Funding Programs and Asset-Based Finance in Times of Economic Crisis 

March 26: William White – The Recession and the Pandemic: Cause or Trigger?

March 25: William B.P. Robson and Grant Bishop – Job Subsidy from Ottawa is Key to Getting Through the COVID-19 Crisis

March 25Glen Hodgson – The Other Canadian Threat: The Oil Sector Price Shock

March 24: Gillezeau, Petit, Tedds – Recommendations for Immediate Provincial Policy Responses to COVID-19

March 24: Robson, Bishop – Coronavirus Crisis Shows Value of Robust Digital Infrastructure

March 23: Samuel, Robson – The Economy Needs a Timeline

March 20: William B. P. Robson – Give Businesses a Lifeline: Relief on GST/HST Remittances

March 20: Glen Hodgson – What Will a Pandemic Mean for Economic Performance?

March 20: Benjamin Dachis – Provincial Economic Policy Responses to COVID-19

March 19: Tammy Schirle – The Next Piece of the Puzzle

March 18: Dwight Duncan – Extraordinary Events Call for Extraordinary Responses

March 18: Kronick, Ambler – The Path Forward for the Bank of Canada

March 17: Kevin Milligan – The Economy Needs a Big, Strong COVID Bridge

March 16: Glen Hodgson – The Role of Crown Financial Institutions During a Pandemic

March 16: Laurin, Robson – Crisis Relief for Canadian Savers

March 16: William B. P. Robson – COVID-19: How Canada’s Governments Can Really Help

March 16: Thorsten Koeppl – For More and Swift Action, Just Look to Germany

March 16: Hodgson, Schwanen – Looking Beyond Macro-Economic Policies to Address Consequences of COVID-19

March 13: Ambler, Kronick – The COVID-19 Monetary Policy Problem

March 11: Kronick, Robson – The Bank of Canada and COVID-19

February 28: Kronick, Omran – Coronavirus and Supply-side Shocks

January 28: Bhatia, Falk, McCready, Tepper – Responding to the Coronavirus: Building Capacity through Virtual Care

July 30: Recovery requires speedy foreign investment review - Financial Post Op-Ed

July 21: In the pandemic fog, some welcome clarity from the Bank of Canada - Financial Post Op-Ed

July 15: After the fiscal snapshot, a horror movie? - Financial Post Op-Ed

July 9: The federal fiscal snapshot has shown us the problem. So what’s the plan? - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

July 7: Just a month or two more of this recession and it truly will be the Big One - Financial Post Op-Ed

June 30: The perfect stimulus for cash-strapped governments - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 23: Canada’s recovery plans should focus on building the infrastructure of the future - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 17: COVID-19's mysterious budget-killing side effect - Financial Post Op-Ed

June 16: The federal government owes Canadians a fiscal update - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 15: When the pandemic subsides, preserving the arts must be a top priority for governments - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 15: La bourse a-t-elle la berlue ? - La Presse Opinion

June 7: Without the clarity they need, Alberta’s oil sands producers are being set up to fail - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 4: Bank of Canada’s next trick involves a delicate three-way balancing act - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

June 4: Don’t force Canadian banks to cut dividends - Financial Post Op-Ed

May 26: How Ontario’s reopening is managed will have consequences across the country — it needs a clearer plan - Financial Post Op-Ed

May 20: Once the crisis is over, we will need to let the zombie firms go - Financial Post Op-Ed

May 19: COVID-19 has stimulated a slew of ideas about how to revitalize the WTO in a post-pandemic world - Financial Post Op-Ed

April 28: The best lessons from abroad about reopening our economies are in Europe - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

April 27: Change accelerator: COVID-19 - Hill Times Op-Ed

April 22: Bank of Canada's unprecedented actions mean there may be inflation ahead - Financial Post Op-Ed

April 20: What happens to the health system after COVID-19? - Toronto Star Op-Ed 

April 17: How to help the provinces weather the COVID-19 economic shock - Financial Post Op-Ed

April 13: Governments should rely on industry task forces to advise on restarting the economy - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

April 10: For Canada’s devastated oil industry, a price floor would be a bridge to nowhere - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

April 9: How to prevent a COVID-19 provincial borrowing crisis - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

April 8: Let Canadians access their RRSP wealth for an immediate, cheap source of financial assistance - Financial Post Op-Ed

April 6: Médecine de guerre pour sauver l’économie - La Presse Opinion

April 6: The last thing we need in a pandemic is me-first instincts of international trade - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

April 3: The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy is the right tool for this crisis - Financial Post Op-Ed

March 25Job subsidy is key to getting through the COVID-19 crisis – Toronto Star Op-Ed

March 22: Canadian businesses need much bigger subsidies for salaries during this crisis - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

March 20: Give businesses a break on GST/HST payments during COVID-19 pandemic - National Post Op-Ed

March 15: During this pandemic, Canadians are feeling real financial stress. Here’s how governments can help - Globe and Mail Op-Ed

March 11: Bank of Canada should have kept more of its powder dry in case things get worse - Financial Post Op-Ed